possessive case (POS) indefinite definite personal pronoun alienable (a) inalienable ((n)o) alienable (ta) inalienable (to) alienable (ma) inalienable (mo) benefactive case (BEN) topicalized with focus particle ko (FOC) first  person singular (1s) 1s au FOC 1s ko  au POSa1s taaku POSi1s tooku POSa1s aaku POSi1s (n)ooku BENa1s BENi1s maaku mooku third person singular (3s) 3s ia FOC 3s ko  ia POSa3s taana POSi3s toona POSa3s aana POSi3s (n)oona BENa3s BENi3s maana moona second  person singular (2s) 2s koe FOC 2s ko  koe POSa2s taau POSi2s toou POSa2s aau POSi2s (n)oou BENa2s BENi2s maau moou first person plural exclusive (1pe) 1pe maatou FOC 1pe ko  maatou POSa1pe tamaatou POSi1pe tomaatou POSa1pe amaatou POSi1pe omaatou BENa1pe BENi1pe mamaatou first  person plural inclusive (1pi) 1pi taatou FOC 1pi ko  taatou POSa1pi tataatou POSi1pi totaatou POSa1pi ataatou POSi1pi otaatou BENa1pi BENi1pi mataatou motaatou second  person plural (2p) 2p korua FOC 2p ko korua POSa2p takorua POSi2p tokorua POSa2p akorua POSi2p okorua BENa2p BENi2p makorua mokorua third person plural (3p) 3p raua FOC 3p ko raua POSa3p taraua POSi3p toraua POSa3p araua POSi3p oraua BENa3p BENi3p maraua moraua first  person dual exclusive (1de) 1de maua FOC 1de ko  maua POSa1de tamaua POSi1de tomaua POSa1de amaua POSi1de omaua BENa1de BENi1de mamaua momaua first  person dual inclusive (1di) 1di taua FOC 1di ko  taua POSa1di tataua POSi1di totaua POSa1di ataua POSi1di otaua BENa1di BENi1di mataua motaua momaatou Notes "That isn't just the Martian table of elements; that's the table of elements. It's the only one there is." Pronouns Added: 2013-04-20  Modified: 2013-08-08 H. Beam Piper, Omnilingual (1957) Personal pronouns with possessive and benefactive cases